Patty Nash


Do you know where the ceremony is? No

Do you know what is depicted there

On the ceiling

Where the ceremony is? It looks so affectionate

By that I mean a Bavarian Joseph is

Chit-chatting with the Pharaoh

It’s all in Genesis

And in Rhineland-Palatinate, ogle it

That half-figure atlas creeping

Up the gilt stucco like the monarch

Whose chin collapsed into his fluffy collar

Or the boyfriend who barreled

Into the tablet of Kalamatas to sturdy himself

These things are taxing

They cost time, money, and dedication

And the 12th-century knights who bequeathed the land

Looked at the land and bequeathed it

Then shut up about it

Don’t laugh

The order propped

Itself up in choir chairs

And didn’t wear underwear, and didn’t speak

And today we are meant

To be charmed by this and are dutiful.

This is beautiful,

Everyone bloviates, hustled to the antechamber

Where there isn’t any dancing (Despite it being feasible)

The box that canoodles easy jazz

Is conical and lets

Itself be adjusted beside an upper-class vase

Gardenias are filling

How’s your baby? I won’t ask

I won’t even speak to you

I won’t even tape my third and fourth toes

Together like the life hack

When someone snorts, they won’t

Cede while I in my stilettoed

Self remain cool

As the bride in her taffeta boatneck

Glistens to math jokes

Me? Oh, sure I’ve got plenty


Same goes for years

That’s parity, baby

We’re two peas in a pod

I’m taking my makeup off and I’m sorry

It’s been a long and consequential day

Patty Nash is a poet and translator. Her work appears or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM, West Branch, Ugly Duckling’s Second Factory and elsewhere.


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