Ariel Yelen

The new microwave at work has begun

To make the most beautiful sound as it finishes cooking

When it first appeared some weeks ago, it was impressively silent

While heating food on its circular base

Either someone changed a setting, or it has liberated itself

I’ve begun singing the alto part in harmony with it when it plays

And I’ve been adding a note, the minor third

Before dropping to the lower fifth

To finish the song in unison

Music, under most circumstances

Will take desperate

Measures to come back into your life

Ariel Yelen’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The American Poetry Review, BOMB, Conjunctions, Washington Square Review, Ugly Duckling Presse’s Second Factory, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn, and serves as the Associate Editor for Futurepoem, where she also edits the blog futurefeed.

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