Erin Marie Lynch


In moments of distress:
             I can think only
             of Latin chants

I learned:
             at the school my
             father founded: his

way of loving: as he knew:
             with knowledge:
but it’s not

meaning that comforts:
             it’s always been the sound:
his axe splitting

logs: yarrow spray
             in my hand:
             match struck: stems

already dying: amabant:
             I felt split
             from some wronged
             root: firelight

ringing what I knew:
                          I was loving:
             outside it grew:
lightly exiting:

his dream:
                          you were loving:
                          it was: we were:

Erin Marie Lynch is the author of Removal Acts, forthcoming from Graywolf Press in 2023. Her writing appears in New England Review, Gulf Coast, DIAGRAM, Best New Poets, and elsewhere. A winner of Narrative Magazine’s 30 Below Contest, she is currently a PhD candidate in Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Southern California.


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